Building the capabilities and culture to sustain resilient and profitable financial services businesses through economic cycles and varied competitive landscapes

Diagnostics and Delivery

Deep dive into new or under-performing areas of your business to identify opportunities and do the ground-work to deliver against them

Marketing and Product Strategy

With internal and external data, determine product, and go-to-market strategy in both digital and traditional channels to attract and retain target customers

Risk Modeling and Optimization

Build and implement the data and model infrastructure to transform data into profitable, well governed, and resilient strategies

Customized Training

Enhance internal capabilities to sustain and adapt strategies over time, and successfully do what we do without us

We are a collection of lending industry practitioners, with decades of operational experience at some of the world's most innovative lending companies

Ben Sabloff, Managing Partner

Accomplished executive with credit risk, business strategy, mergers & acquisitions and business line P&L management experience at Fortune 500 banks, including 13 years at Capital One. Ben's background enables him to bring a practicality and hands-on orientation to his consulting work.

Ben holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BS dual degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Richmond.

Colin Nance, Managing Director

Colin has spent the past 20 years, including 12 years at Capital One and HSBC, working with and advising companies in several national scale consumer and commercial lending businesses, and brings experience in credit risk, marketing, modeling, product management, and pricing.

Colin holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Management and a BS degree in Engineering from Princeton University.

Tim Horan, Managing Director

Tim worked for 8 years at Capital One leading both lending businesses and horizontal data science and modeling teams for Capital One US Card. He brings experience in credit risk, product strategy, test design, and NPV modeling.

Tim holds an BA from the Stanford University in Economics.

Rohit Kapoor, Managing Director

Rohit spent over 12 years with Capital One across a diverse set of businesses, leading consumer lending strategies in Canada and US Card businesses and corporate development initiatives including Capital One's purchase of HSBC's US Card business.

Rohit holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an MS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and a BE in Production Engineering from PEC University of Technology in India.

Jackson Barnes, Managing Director

Jackson worked for 8 years at Capital One leading marketing, underwriting and customer management functions for lending businesses in both the US and UK.   His experience enables him to bring a unique, end-to-end perspective to engagements.

Brian Lawton, Managing Director

After starting his career in consulting, Brian spent nearly 20 years with Capital One in various P&L ownership and strategic leadership roles across lending and deposit businesses. He has developed expertise in customer acquisition, underwriting, product strategy, customer and portfolio management, marketing, credit risk management and corporate training.

Brian holds an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. He also has a dual BA degree in both Economics and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

Audra Lifson, Head of Operations

Audra has over 15 years of experience driving and leading organizational change initiatives, first at Capital One and then at Kaiser Associates. She has helped several teams and clients establish new operating and governance models and specialized in rolling change out successfully to various sized teams. Her experiences as Chief of Staff at Capital One have uniquely prepared her to step into the role heading up major operations at AQN Strategies.

Audra holds a BS from Cornell University. She maintains professional certifications in Human Resources Management through SHRM and Change Management through Prosci.